Selected Plays

Bay Area Theatre

  • Cyrano de Bergerac, Lise/Ensemble, Livermore Shakespeare Festival, Lisa Tromovich
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Peta Quince, Livermore Shakespeare Festival, Gary Armangnac
  • Rumors, Cassie, Chanticleers Theatre, John Mao
  • It’s A Wonderful Life Radio Play, Mary Bailey, Douglas Morrison Theatre, Kendall Tieck

New York Theatre

  • Deflowering Waldo, Angela, Actors Studio Drama School, Jim Fagan
  • The Individuality of Streetlamps, Melissa, Actors Studio Drama School, Kaitlyn Samuel
  • Becky Needs To Get Laid *, Becky, Olivia Lilley, Jeff Crosley
  • Live Mermaids Live: a jukebox musical*, Mermaid,, Jeremy Bloom

Regional Theatre

  • Rent, Company, Destination Theatre MITimo Anderson,
  • Super Sunny Silly Camping Fun Time*, Angela, Dark Knight Theatre IL, James Knight

* Indicates Original Work